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Manuel Santana


Manuel Santana has a degree in Economics from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Specialty in Financial Administration APEC University (Dominican Republic), Master in Management and Productivity University of Valencia (Spain), Specialty in Ibero-American Business APEC University (Dominican Republic) , Doctor in Ibero-American Business (Cum Laude) University of Valencia (Spain).

In the labor field, he has 15 years of experience as a Financial Planning Specialist at Codetel, 17 years of Internal Control and Financial Manager at Edesur Dominicana S.A.

Professor of finance for more than 25 years at INTEC, in addition, coordinator of the master’s degree in Finance, Senior Management and Accounting, also professor for more than 20 years of finance, planning and business valuation subjects at Unapec. Financial consultant, president and treasurer of the cooperatives La Telefónica and Edecoop.

He has participated as an international speaker and has written a book on the measurement and efficiency of the Dominican financial system.

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics (UASD)
  • Bachelor’s degree in economics (Spain)
  • Doctor in Ibero-American Business (Cum Laude), University of Valencia (Spain).
  • Finance, Accounting and Auditing.

Manuel Santana