Our Team José Féliz

José Féliz


José Féliz has vast experience in planning, with more than twenty-five years of experience in strategic planning, institutional development, organizational design and process management.

With training in the fundamental areas of management and in applicable processes in both the public and private sectors, he also has extensive professional experience in the coordination and supervision of personnel with managerial responsibilities, as well as in the execution of projects that require liaison with other instances both within the organization and outside it.

He has vast professional experience in positions that demand analysis, critical and visionary thinking, development of institutional policies and regulations.

The aforementioned context has favored the development of their leadership skills, teamwork and the effective management of change processes.

  • Dr. en Business Administration. Paris School of Business.
  • Master of Science. The Ohio State University.
  • Master’s Degree in Senior Management and Master’s Degree in Marketing, INTEC.
  • Master in Political Science for Democratic Development. University of Salamanca/Global Institute of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences.
  • Bachelor of Education, UASD.
  • Staff coordination and supervision
  • Leadership, effective management of change processes

José Féliz