About GCPareto

About GCPareto

Diverse views of complex problems.

We are a firm specializing in economic, social, and market research, with the mission to contribute to the development of the country through the application of advanced research techniques, to obtain rigorous answers to problems of firms, governments and other institutions.

The Group is rooted in the contribution of highly trained professionals with extensive experience, united by the intention of building a bridge between scientific research methods and the specific needs of leading Dominican companies, thus meeting their needs in an increasingly competitive environment.

Our cover letter

  • Collaborators with economics, sociology, marketing and education training, among other disciplines.
  • Two decades of continuous work.
  • Bridge vocation between academic reflection and the search for concrete solutions.
  • Experience working with government, companies and international organizations.
  • Collaborative networks with researchers in various countries.


The Pareto Consulting Group will contribute to raising the country’s competitiveness, establishing a bridge between scientific research methods and the specific needs of its clients, and distinguishing itself by the creative application of rigorous instruments to economic and business analysis.

Our name honors Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923), an Italian theorist whose ideas are acknowledge by economists, administrators, statisticians, and sociologists, thus representing an example of a multidisciplinary approach to the complexity of modern problems.